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2011 University Cooking LEE KUM KEE Competition Best of the Best

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Nov 7th 2011 Seoul, South KOREA

Location: International Cooking Baking vocational school

Judge: Chef Wayne Golding.

Add : 104-11 Yongdu-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul


Lee Kum-kee, a Chinese culinary sauce manufacturer, announced on January 1 that the 2011 Lee Kum-kee University Chinese Cooking Contest will be held at the International Culinary Confectionery College on May 5.

The culinary competition will be held in June, with 48 students selected through a 10-to-1 competition through more than 800 recipes submitted by students from 40 colleges and universities.

The competition is sponsored by The Ottogi and The Australian Livestock Corporation MLA, the official importer of Korea. The plan is to provide opportunities for korean college students who dream of becoming future chefs to develop creativity and creativity, and to find and nurture talented people.

10 students will be selected to participate in the final of the Chinese State School of Culinary Arts, hong kong's premier culinary school. In addition, three nights and four days of visits to Hong Kong's Lee Kum-kee headquarters and production facilities are provided. Winners will be given a variety of prizes, along with prizes.

Chan Ka Sik, Ceo of Korea, said, "This is the sixth time this year that this competition aims to motivate students in the culinary department, to develop their creativity and interest in a variety of cuisines, and to continue to run the competition, which will provide an opportunity for Korean university students to share and grow their experiences."

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