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Mud Crab Luncheon

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The Benson Hotel: 25th Feb 2022

Head Chef: Chef Wayne Golding


12.30pm-4pm incl. house beverage package.

$159pp inside

$1500 inside table of 10 pax

$139pp outside

SOLD OUT! Benson's Mud crab Luncheon is now sold out for this Friday.

We can't wait to welcome you all.

For anyone who has missed out, keep an eye out for our next guest speaker series!

What a clawsome day yesterday for our Mud Crab Luncheon! at The Benson

200x1kg Fresh QLD Crabs cooked and served with in 30 minutes

it took 3 day in preparations a team 4 chefs all day and to early hours of one of the nights

HOW TO COOK Chefs Wayne Chilli Crab

Whole Mud Crab Live

Place Crab in Ice Brine to kill crabs

Takes out of Ice and place in pot with salty water boiling cook 25 min

Run under water until cold.

Ice down, Clean wash heads out keep head for garnish ICED Down will dry out if left hot and look bad!

Cut crab into 4 pieces and crack claws

Place into vacuum bag seal with cold sauce pre made, Double vacuum pack the crabs as shell will break and leak.

Re heat in boiling water or steamer better option bulk cooks, Cut bag sauté in pan add drizzle egg when egg cooked serve with chilli and spring onion garnish

add Extra chilli paste if wanting hotter dish.

200 pax Sauce recipe

Sauce (cook in to giant pots half /half= recipe below.)

2kg Onion Fine Diced

1L Oil

1kg Ginger fresh Chopped Fine/or puree

1kg Chilli Paste

1kg Garlic

30 can A10 Tomato Can Whole Puree

2.5kg Brown Sugar

500ml Lite Kikkoman Soy Sauce (no salt needed as soy is salty)


Have the sauce hot ladle on crab drizzle in egg add hot steamed crab toss serve


Place cleaned Crab Heads on

Spring onion/shallot shaved fine

Long Red Chilli de seeded chopped fine serve


Toasted Garlic Baguette

Local Whole Chilli Crab

W/Side of Extra Spicy Chilli Sauce

Served W/ Share Dishes:

Chicken Rice Noodle Salad,

Lychee Fried Rice,

Lemon Thyme Wedge Potatoes

& Steamed Broccolini


Tropical Pavlova


Coffee & Tea

Catering to all dietary requirements as well

Possible to Swap Mud Crab to Chilli Beef Steak or Vegetarian Chilli Tofu

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