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How to King Crab

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Demonstration on How to Cook a King Crab Also How to Prepare King Crab Dishes

By Executive Chef Wayne Golding #chefwaynegolding

Location: Grand Ambassador Seoul

Restaurant: Café De Chef

Date: Wednesday 25th November 2009

Time: 4 pm ~ 4:30pm Coffee & Refreshments on Arrival in café de chef

4:30pm ~ 5pm BQ kitchen Food Demonstration Cooking Crab

5 ~ 6 pm café de chef & Prepare 2 Dishes

6 pm ~ 6:15 pm a Short Break

6:15pm Dinner Will follow


Chef’s King Crab Special Set Menu

King Crab Spring Rolls

With fresh Cilantro and sweet Chili Dipping sauce

King Crab Bisque

Beef Oscar

Beef Tenderloin with Alaskan King Crab Asparagus & Hollandaise

New Orleans Warm Bread Pudding

With Whiskey sauce

Coffee or Tea

Cost: 70,000 KRW Inclusive

Min 10 ~Max 20 Persons Due To Space Limitations On First Come First Bases

How to Cook King Crab

First select the type of crab you want,

this is a 5kg king crab.

Remember the size of the pot you are going to cook it in,

You need a strong fire/ heat to bring back to boil them simmers

Add Plain water fill the pot ¾ full

Add little salt to water not too much (taste the water)

You can then use the stock later as to strain it to make a soup if need be

Bring the water to the boil add the crab

Bring back to boil quickly and simmer Min 25 minutes.

Size won’t matter it’s all about mass weight verses pot size make sure it will fit in your pot first.

After cooked, Chill the crab in running water if possible use ice to speed up things and reduce water wastage.

Finished, Now place it in a sink and remove the hears and remove the lungs rinse under cold water.

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